Donald Abrams, MD: Integrative Cancer Care (part 3)
The New School at Commonweal

Donald Abrams, MD: Integrative Cancer Care (part 3)

Part 3: Rational Use of Natural Supplements

A Training for Health Professionals and Cancer Advocates

Watch this 4-part training series with Donald Abrams, M.D., one of the nation’s foremost integrative cancer care authorities. The training is designed for health professionals and for cancer advocates and navigators dedicated to helping others with informed choice in cancer. This training is a combined production of Commonweal’s New School and Healing Circles, a new Commonweal curriculum for health professionals and others dedicated to enhancing supportive programs for people with cancer.

Dr. Abrams gives four presentations, each followed by a conversation with Commonweal’s Michael Lerner:

An Introduction to Integrative Cancer Care (part 1)
The Role of Nutrition (part 2)
Rational Use of Natural Supplements (part 3)
Cannabis in Integrative Cancer Care (part 4)