Dr. Helene Langevin: The Science of Stretch
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Dr. Helene Langevin: The Science of Stretch

Stuart McNish interviewed Dr. Helene Langevin on Conversations That Matter to learn more about the science of stretch, and connective tissue, or fascia, as it’s also known.

“Fascia is what holds us together. It’s a net that suspends your organs, a high-tech adhesive that holds your cells in place while relaying messages between them. The network is so extensive and ubiquitous that if you were to lose every organ, muscle, bone, nerve and blood vessel, your body would still retain its shape.”

During their conversation, Dr. Langevin gave in-depth responses on the following topics:

  • What happens when you stretch, what exactly are you stretching? Is it your muscle or is it your connective tissue?
  • What happens when you don’t stretch and when you do stretch how long should you do it?
  • Do bad things happen when you don’t stretch?
  • And, why do acupuncture needles grab, what are they grasping and how long should the treatment last?
  • These questions and more lead to a decade’s long research project into acupuncture and stretch.

Click here to watch the interview or download the transcript.