David Vago speaking at Thanksgiving Symposium
Sivananda Ashram Yoga Retreat

Event Vanderbilt University

Thanksgiving Symposium
Gratitude Practices

Location: Paradise Island, Nassau, Bahamas

Speakers: Gregg Krech, David Vago, and Sister Greta Ronningen 

What is the difference between feeling gratitude and offering thanks? How can cultural diversity in gratitude and thankfulness practices help us deepen our own appreciation for the blessings in our lives?

The celebration of Thanksgiving gives us an opportunity to reflect not only on what we are grateful for, but also on the ways in which we express our gratitude. Both gratitude and thankfulness are natural processes that many of us already feel, but we can enrich our lives by deepening our understanding and developing a thankful mindset. Scientific studies show that practicing gratitude creates positive changes in the brain, which can enrich your life.

Learn to cultivate a healthy and grateful outlook, and feel the blessings and abundance around you.

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