Personalized Mind-Body Medicine in Integrative Oncology: Meeting the Moment with Each Patient
The Journal of Integrative and Complementary Medicine

By Kavita K. Mishra, David Victorson, Darshan H. Mehta, and David R. Vago

Personalized medicine in cancer is an emerging approach to patient care in which certain individual characteristics are used to guide therapeutic decisions.1 Ultimately, the goal is to execute the right intervention for the right patient at the right time. In this era of personalized medicine, how does one effectively tailor the mind–body medicine (MBM) prescription for individuals with varied needs and circumstances who are on their cancer journey?


“Living Well with Chronic Pain”: Integrative Pain Management via Shared Medical Appointments
Pain Medicine

Dr. Mladen Golubić of University of Cincinnati found that patients suffering from chronic pain that participated in a multidisciplinary, nonpharmacological treatment approach via shared medical appointments experienced reduced pain and improved measures of physical, mental, and social health without increased use of opioid pain medications. 

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Video Harvard University
Stretching, Connective Tissue, Chronic Pain, and Cancer

Stretching, Connective Tissue, Chronic Pain, and Cancer

Dr. Helene Langevin visits UCSF, presenting on the importance of connective tissue in the body and its link to the immune system. She talks about recent findings on the effects of stretching on inflammation and fibrosis and the the relevance of these findings to chronic pain and cancer. Dr. Langevin is the director of the Osher Center for Integrative Medicine at Harvard Medical School and Brigham and Women’s Hospital.