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Chicago, Illinois


The Osher Center at Northwestern University’s vision is to be a recognized leader in innovative integrative health patient care, education, and research to inform and promote a healthcare system that optimizes health, promotes whole-person wellness, and prevents chronic disease.

We collaborate with our colleagues from across the Northwestern Medicine academic campus and with our partner Osher Centers to explore best practices and models of care, validate scientific findings, and educate future generations of healthcare professionals. We focus on science-based practices while acknowledging the body’s natural healing capacity.

Our philosophy and practice of how we care for patients and ourselves:

  • Integrative medicine is authentic medicine - It’s what patients and providers believe in their hearts and minds is the right treatment, based on all current evidence and informed by their beliefs, values and experiences.
  • Integrative medicine is everyday medicine - It’s the way you life your life, the food you eat, the environment you live in, the relationships you maintain.
  • And Integrative Medicine is, simply, Medicine. - It is using the best approach to help you not just treat disease, but flourish in your life.

The Osher Center at Northwestern University was created in 2014, with support from The Bernard Osher Foundation.

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Osher Center for Integrative Health at Northwestern University

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