Narrative Medicine: Encouraging Patient Resilience and Hope
Consortium Grand Rounds Free CME/CE Webinar


This basic introduction to the clinical use of narrative will describe approaches to patient-centered care and wellness through conversation with patients and encouragement of reflective writing by patients. These narrative applications engage patients as they recover or rediscover meaning and identity during illness in terms of their own stories. Patients may reframe their self-understanding with a new story and claim the role of central character in their own story. Patients may reflect deeply on their own stories, identity, and sense meaning as they share the narrative of their condition and treatment, their sources of strength as they face the biographical disruption of illness, their new perspectives and insights during illness and treatment, and their hopes for the future. Narrative visits can also help treatment team members and medical care providers understand their patients more fully and respond more effectively to their patients’ concerns during treatment.

Robert Slocum, PhD
University of Kentucky

Sonia Sosa, MD, Oregon Health & Science University

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Jointly provided by Vanderbilt University Medical Center Department of Medicine,
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