Osher Collaborative Acupuncturists Present Cross-Site Data at the World Congress for Integrative Medicine & Health


A group of acupuncturists from around the Osher Collaborative contributed to a cross-site research postertitled, “The Relevance of Acupuncture in Hospital-Based Settings in the U.S.,” which was presented at the 2nd Annual World Congress for Integrative Medicine and Health in Rome, Italy in September 2023. The research poster compiled program data from UCSF, Vanderbilt University, University of Cincinatti, University of Vermont, University of Washington, and University of Miami. Melissa Zappa, DAc, of University of Utah and Anisha Durve, DOM, of University of Miami led this cross-site collaboration. 

An analysis of the clinical acupuncture program at each participating Osher Center revealed the most common referrals from other departments and conditions treated. The findings suggest that acupuncture programs embedded within hospital systems can be a significant tool to improve patient outcomes and reduce provider burnout. 

Download the research poster