University of Utah and University of Vermont join the Osher Collaborative


The Osher Collaborative for Integrative Health is proud to welcome University of Utah and University of Vermont into our network of academic health institutions advancing integrative health research, education, and care, funded by the generosity of The Bernard Osher Foundation.  

Both the University of Utah (UU) and the University of Vermont (UVM) have contributed greatly to the integrative health field in recent years and bring a wealth of cooperative relationships within their institutions and throughout other health-related organizations. Both are dedicated to promoting whole-person care and reaching patients from medically underserved populations.  

University of Utah’s Wellness and Integrative Health program is led by Dr. Amy Locke, Chair of the Academic Consortium for Integrative Medicine & Health. Dr. Locke has taken on the role of Chief Wellness Officer at the university to expand integrative health programs for employees, patients, and community members. University of Utah has an exemplary community outreach program, including a Wellness Bus that brings health screenings, coaching, and other wellness resources to underserved communities. 

“We are honored to become part of the highly regarded Osher Collaborative,” said Amy Locke, MD, Chief Wellness Officer of University of Utah Health. “With this generous endowment from The Bernard Osher Foundation, we can continue to build collaboration, grow our programs, and extend our reach to better serve our vulnerable patient populations.” 

University of Vermont’s Integrative Health program was founded by Dr. Helene Langevin in 2005, and is highly respected as a clinical and education hub for integrative health in New England. Through skillful integration with the University’s Health Network, Medical Center, and College of Nursing and Health Sciences, Larner College of Medicine, and the UVM Cancer Center, UVM’s commitment to integrative health and robust outreach strategy has provided comprehensive care to the State’s rural population. Dr. Jon Porter, MD, who currently leads UVM’s Comprehensive Chronic Pain Program, will direct the new Osher Center at University of Vermont.  

“We are thrilled to join this diverse group of integrative health experts at the Osher Collaborative,” said Dr. Jon Porter, Director of UVM’s Integrative Health Program. “As a newly formed Osher Center, we plan to build upon our research, education, and clinical services to better serve our students and patient population in Vermont.” 

“Now that we have added the University of Utah and the University of Vermont to the Osher Collaborative, the Foundation’s goal has been realized,” said Mary Bitterman, President of The Bernard Osher Foundation. “Each of the eleven Osher Centers for Integrative Health — ten in the United States and the Osher Center at the Karolinska Institutet in Sweden — share an unwavering commitment to the mission of improving quality of life and whole person well-being. It is the hope of the Osher family, The Bernard Osher Foundation, and the Osher Collaborative that their contributions to the integrative health field will have a constructive impact globally.”