This is Your Brain on Mediation by David Vago
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There has been an explosion of research in recent years on what meditation does to the brain, but as neuroscientist Dave Vago points out, the science of putting meditation under neuro-imaging is still quite young. Vago, the research director for the Osher Center for Integrative Medicine at Vanderbilt University Medical Center, studies brain scans of meditators to analyze changes in brain activity, blood flow, size and function of certain areas in the brain, and he was part of a group of scientists who published paper aiming to define “mindfulness” and its neurological impacts. 

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David Vago has also released a new course on the topic, entitled “Meditation And The Brain.”

Join the 10% Happier crew at Vanderbilt University’s neuroscience lab to learn what those mental bicep curls are doing for your brain – and practice with a top contemplative neuroscientist along the way. This course is part of a cross-country 10% Happier Meditation Tour with Dan & meditation teacher Jeff Warren. 

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