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Graduate Certificate in Integrative Health

University of Cincinnati

This program is ideal for health professionals at all different levels and backgrounds who are looking for an advanced degree they can earn in as little as a year. Students will learn evidence-based approaches to implement with their patients. This field aims to get to the root cause of the disease to fix the problem rather than simply putting a band-aid on the problem/symptom. Our courses help enrich our student’s personal and professional lives, and to prepare them for future roles that demand new and innovative ways of thinking.

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Vanderbilt Health Coaching Program

What is Health Coaching?

Certified Health Coaches are credentialed members of the healthcare industry who have additional training in the science of health behavior change. Coaches combine their medical expertise with coaching skills to manage a variety of chronic medical conditions such as metabolic syndrome, heart disease, and chronic pain.

Can I Apply?

Yes, if you have a college degree and 3+ years of healthcare experience or are currently licensed in a healthcare field. Past student degrees and licenses include MD, RN, APRN, PT, OT, PhD, and LSW.

Contact: Kelli Stewart, RN, BSN, Program Manager, 615.875.6028,

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