Research Director: Integrative Oncology Endowed Chair
University of Cincinnati


The UC Cancer Center, in conjunction with the University of Cincinnati’s Center for Integrative Health and Wellness (CIHW), in Cincinnati, Ohio seeks an experienced research director to lead and expand integrative and lifestyle medicine research at the CIHW, with a focus on integrative oncology.  This position will be the Carrie K. Hayden Endowed Chair of Integrative Oncology Research. Candidate will lead integrative oncology research design, protocols and funding to inform evidence-based practices of integrative therapies, such as acupuncture or mind-body therapies, and/or lifestyle approaches such nutrition and exercise, for the prevention and treatment of cancer and throughout cancer survivorship. This individual will collaborate with University of Cincinnati and UC Health leadership to enrich the strategic research direction at the UC CIHW and the Cancer Center.te a climate that values diversity and inclusion.e population or will welcome a commitment to teaching and working with a diverse population.

Full job listing is available here.

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