Minding the Mind-Body Literature: Frontiers in Cancer Treatment

Publication Harvard University

Wayne Peter, Mehta Darshan, and Yeh Gloria.

The Journal of Alternative and Complementary Medicine. January 2017, 23(1): 4-7

Alleviating Depression, Anxiety, and Existential Distress in Cancer Through Psychotropic Enhanced Therapy: Might Psilocybin Be a Magic Bullet?

Author information: Peter Wayne, PhD
Director of Research, Osher Center for Integrative Medicine
|Division of Preventive Medicine
Associate Professor of Medicine
Harvard Medical School and Brigham and Women’s Hospital

Citation: Ross S, Bossis A, Guss J, et al. Rapid and sustained symptom reduction following psilocybin treatment for anxiety and depression in patients with life-threatening cancer: a randomized controlled trial. J Psychopharmacology 2016;30:1165–1180.

Breast Cancer Survivorship: What Are We Waiting For?

Author information: Darshan Mehta, MD
Medical Director, Benson-Henry Institute for Mind Body Medicine
Massachusetts General Hospital
Associate Director of Education
Osher Center for Integrative Medicine
Harvard Medical School and Brigham and Women’s Hospital

Citations: Bluethmann SM, Mariotto AB, Rowland JH. Anticipating the “silver tsunami”: prevalence trajectories and comorbidity burden among older cancer survivors in the United States. Cancer Epidemiol Biomarkers Prev 2016;25:1029–1036.

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Comparative Effectiveness in Mind-Body Cancer Research: Toward a More Nuanced Understanding

Author information: Gloria Yeh, MD, MPH
Director, Research Fellowship in Integrative Medicine
Director or Mind-Body Research
Division of General Medicine and Primary Care
Beth Israel Deaconess Medical Center
Harvard Medical School

Citations: Carlson LE, Tamagawa R, Stephen J, et al. Randomized-controlled trial of mindfulness-based cancer recovery versus supportive expressive group therapy among distressed breast cancer survivors (MINDSET): long-term follow-up results. Psychooncology 2016;25:750–759.

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