Fellowship Programs
The Osher Collaborative offers fellowship programs across our center sites


Osher Collaborative Faculty Fellowship

The Osher Collaborative offers specialized advanced training for faculty interested in integrative health with an appointment at an institution with an Osher Center. The goal of the Faculty Fellowship is to develop highly skilled leaders and clinicians in integrative health. The interdepartmental Faculty Fellowship will expand integrative healthcare expertise, fostering an accessible and comprehensive network of integrative care, education, and scholarship. Over the course of the year-long program, scholars are encouraged to develop their individual interests in integrative medicine.

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Integrative Health Equity and Applied Research (IHEAR) Fellowship at UCSF

The UCSF Osher Center for Integrative Health has launched a summer training program focused on Integrative Health Equity and Applied Research (IHEAR) for interprofessional, predoctoral health professions students. Integrative health equity is an emerging field focused on applying integrative approaches to improving health among underserved and vulnerable populations and testing models to improve access to integrative medicine in inadequately resourced settings.

  • Instruction in the science of social health and healthcare disparities and the role of complementary and integrative health approaches in advancing health equity
  • Development of foundational research skills (e.g., formulating research questions, selecting research methods, interpreting evidence)
  • Participation in mentored, applied research projects
  • Monthly stipend of $2153

Visit website or reach out to yvette.coulter@ucsf.edu 

Harvard Medical School and Brigham and Women’s Hospital

To ensure our clinical and research efforts blossom into a new standard of care, we are training the next generation of practitioners in integrative medicine. The educational activities of the Center take place across the Harvard community and are targeted at the medical student, resident, fellow, and continuing medical education audiences, as well as the general public.

  • Scholarly Fellowships
  • Pre-doctoral Fellowships
  • Post-doctoral Fellowships

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Northwestern University

The Osher Center is committed to furthering the field of integrative healthcare by educating health professionals and trainees from a wide range of disciplines about this evolving model of healthcare. 

  • Clinical Fellowship
  • Osher Collaborative Faculty Fellowship

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University of California, San Francisco

The Osher Center for Integrative Health at UCSF is committed to training the next generation, and we believe that change in healthcare is happening. The following programs provide training in the field of integrative medicine.

  • Integrative Health Equity and Applied Research (IHEAR) Summer Training Program for interprofessional, predoctoral health professions students
  • Training in Research in Integrative Medicine (TRIM) T-32 Fellowship
    • Pre-doctoral Fellowship
    • Post-doctoral Fellowship 
  • Clinical Fellowship
  • Osher Collaborative Faculty Fellowship

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